Finally all moved in to the new house, and ready to start tattooing again! Starting after this Halloween, I’m booking weekends and Wednesdays. Send me an ask and I’ll slap you onto the schedule to get stabbed. Expect new flash soon!

Anonymous asked: " I hate it when people bitch about their credit being cut out. News flash, text looks like shit, and isn’t part of the piece!" ... Hmm. I'm sayin credit should never be tampered with. Who gives a shit about what the text looks like- it's important to know whose work you're looking at. (Hence the reason you hashtag your work, right?)

yeeaah, I’ve changed my mind at this point. I used to hate seeing a bunch of lame typing below a picture, especially if it was just to dissuade people from removing the very same text. But I’ve come to appreciate finding a small credit below a piece, enabling me to look at more of the original artists creations.

That being said, I’m always more appreciative of a tasteful signature on the actual piece, rather than a bulky, off-putting paragraph jacking up the Feng Shui for everyone.

I didn’t used to even re blog pictures if they had text under them, now I’m not nearly as picky.
It was an aesthetics thing, but I’m pretty much over it ;)


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Для Сергея Чирика.